I’ve brought my first car!

I should have blogged about this last night, but I was tired and it took me a while to upload a photo to my photobucket.
Yesterday, with the help of my friend Norman (whom I’m staying with at the moment), we went to look at a car in Shipley, West Yorkshire, which is near Bradford. The car is a Fiat Punto (which is a subcompact for those American Readers). Its a 1994 model, but it’s in good condition and has no major faults.

Today we went to pick it up. After spending 4hrs getting there entirely by Public Transport, it took us 1.5hrs to drive back! I haven’t had the chance to drive it properly yet – since I am not allowed to drive on Motorways (Interstate Highways), must display L-Plates and have a person who is over 21 and held a full license for 3 years or more sitting in the passenger seat, it would have been difficult to drive it back here, since the main route is mainly motorways.

So once Norman is able to drive it back to Plymouth, I can go out practicing – my good friend Gemma has agreed to supervise me. I take my test on September 20th, please send good vibes! I am still taking lessons with a driving instructor, but its getting expensive and he says that all I really need is practice!

So, here it is my first car!

4 thoughts on “I’ve brought my first car!”

  1. and a way of making your insurance cheaper would be for norman to buy the car, then for him to give it to you as a gift,

    you would need to go via the DVLA two wimes, but on insurace forms when it says “how much did you pay for the car” you can answer £0.00 but i gave the previous owner a lot of free beer

  2. But Skippy, if I told the Insurance people it was worthless, what would happen if someone stole my car? Would the insurance people say well, you told us it was worth nothing, so we’re not paying out!? I think so.

    A lot of insurance companies I went to said that the minimum value was £1,000. OK, so the insurance cost just as much as the car, but I knew that would happen and it could have been a lot worse!

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