Something weird I saw tonight!

Whilst walking around ‘The Barbican’ which is the oldest part of Plymouth, and the place where the Pilgrims left for a better life in the New World, I happened upon this….

Yes, believe it or not, that is a “Party Ambulance”. No it doesn’t go around the city picking up the people who have had a few too many drinks and ruined the party atmosphere – the itention is that you hire it out and drive around town with tunes and a lightshow in the back (I didn’t look inside, so I can’t be sure if there is a strecher or defribulator!).

This is the latest (or so it would seem) in the Limo type party experience. I remember last year someone was hiring out a fire truck to take you to your party, well now you can have the “Party Ambulance” pick you up when all that partying is done!

You saw it here first kids!

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