Weird Neighbours…British Style!

This is kinda in reference to my friend Georga’s (or Spork as she likes to go by) series of blogs on her Mexican neighbours, who seem to like their shovels. You can read her latest blog here.

I like in an old house that was converted into two flats (appartments), both flats have a kitchen, bathroom, living room and one bedroom. I live on the ground floor (first floor to your Americans). Until Easter my upsairs Neighbours were a Portugese family, who although they didn’t speak much English, they didn’t give me much trouble either. I got on well with them and last summer they fed me at their BBQ and I was introduced to their Portugese friends who were able to translate a bit for me! I had been selling them a portion of my broadband bandwidth and they unfortunately used most of it to download films from eDonkey, so I was slightly glad that they weren’t around to do that anymore.
Anyway, they moved out just before Easter – the reason being that this house doesn’t really have any proper heating, and the heaters that we do have are electric and cost a lot of money to run. So they were cold and moved to a new flat with better heating, I can’t blame them for that and I wish them the all the best in their new place.

My new neighbours moved in soon after Easter. They are two men, both in their 50’s – John (an American who appears to have lived in this country for some time) and Norman (a native of Plymouth). Now I have to admit that I was slightly confused when this happened – why would two guys of this age choose to be flatmates? Well I know that they aren’t gay, so I assume its probably because they don’t have much money.

Where does all their money go you may be wondering? Well, we can pretty much assume that their surplus income goes on Alcohol. Both of them appear to be alcoholics – although John appears to be the one who doesn’t know his limits.

I have had many problems with them lately, including playing very crap music very loudly and having my recycling strewn all over the street. However, the thing that worries me the most is that they have aquired a very old IBM Aptiva PC. Unfortunately, they know that I am an Electrical Engineering Major, so who else are they gonna ask for help?

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually mind giving people help with their PC’s, I have a lot of friends who I know from the Internet and most of them have come to me for help in the past when their PC’s have gone wrong. I have travelled all over the UK to fix computers, you might think of me as the 21st century version of the Knight in Shining Armour!

But when you don’t really know the people who you asking for your help and you don’t really want to know them, when they smoke and drink and talk crap to you, how do you say NO?

I am not good with confrontation, especially with people who I don’t know and the fact that they drink makes me even more worried. I chose to say nothing to them about the recycling issue and when the noise got too much I went out for the day. But I live here and I can’t keep running away, can I?

Well, at least I will have a nice break from them from next week, I’ll be in New York and Phildelphia to see my friend Gina and go to Autreat.

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