I was drinking a bottle of powerade today when for some stupid reason I opened the sports cap with my front teeth instead of my back teeth. I have a crown on one of my front teeth, I was involved in a playground accident when I was 7 and lost part of it. Sadly part of the crown broke off.

Now this would be OK if I had a dentist in Plymouth, but I don’t. My dentist is 170miles away, back home in Southampton. I am pinning my hopes on the Dental Access Centre here in Plymouth, I have an appointment there at 12noon on Friday and I really hope they can fix it. I looked at private dentists in Plymouth (there are no NHS dentists who are taking on new patients), it would probably cost in the region of £400-£500, scary thought! I think I’d rather go back to Southampton to get it fixed!

I hope you weren’t too scared by those pics!

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