In London, you need a lot of money to be rich

So, on 1st July I started working for the company I had been contracting for, directly. Its not a permanent, permanent job, I am on a short term contract until 31st December, they also gave me a pay raise, apparently I am now worth £33,333.00 per year, before tax.

However, this causes me something of a problem, because now I (apparently) have too much money to get Housing Benefit, which was paying about 70% of my £1035.00 rent when I was earning about £22,000. Then there is Tax Credits, I don’t know how I stand with this – I was getting about £400 per month, but because the calculations are so complicated, I have no idea if I am still eligible or not.

There is no way I want to spend half my salary on rent, living close to work and the centre of London is not worth that. But now I have a problem, not realising this was going to happen I have signed a new lease for 1 year from 30th July.

However, my problems are more immediate than that, I needed the housing benefit payment I am due next Monday in order to make ends meet after having to pay £1,300 in vet bills for my cat who wasn’t insured.

Yes, I know I am stupid, this is not about that. This is about the fact that just because I learn a fair amount, it really isn’t much when you live in the most expensive city in the UK. I don’t even live in a nice flat, I pay over £1,000 per month for a hole in the ground which leaks heat in winter and gets too hot in summer. All this because there is not enough social housing and Landlords can legally rip people off, because someone will willingly pay what they are asking, despite the condition of the flat/location.

So, I thought I had turned a corner in my life, that everything was getting better because I had managed to keep a job for 7 months, win an award for being “Employee of the Quarter” and generally be good at what I am doing. But it appears none of that matters, because my finances are going down the toilet again. It’s not like I can loan any money from a reasonable lender, have an overdraft or get a mortgage, because I am still suffering from being made bankrupt at 28.

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