Why do I bother when the world doesn’t want to understand Autism?!

I didn’t go into work today, I am so tired and drained from dealing with all the problems, because I have been the only person who gets results, everyone comes to me to get things done or things just get left and then when users complain I am kind enough to help.

Case in point – long standing systems/network admin doesn’t have the time to help a company we have contracted to move users onto a new system, so I send this email:

Well fine then, these users will never be migrated and we’ll be stuck with the windows 2000 servers forever.

I am sick of being some go between for every other agency or company we deal with in order to get things done when they don’t really care.

That’s why I didn’t come in today.

Now I am going to the seaside for a bit. Probably see you tomorrow.

Then I get this back off my boss:


 This isn’t acceptable behaviour. I can tolerate certain behaviour and I accept the different agencies and stakeholders have different priorities and motivations and this is causing stress for everyone.  Before you go throwing your toys out of the pram you need to communicate with either me or Trevor.  I am trying to run a team here under very difficult circumstances and you storming out or not bothering to come in does not help and is compounding the problem.  I do not expect to have this happen again, I have personally extended as much flexibility as I can now.  If you decide not to come in tomorrow please refer to the agency.  

As much as I am tempted to say screw you, I know those fucking tories would love me to go back to them asking for benefits and help. Right now I have no rights, because I am a contractor.

So you want to know why so few people with Autism/Aspergers aren’t in work? People don’t care. They don’t really want to help, they just want to make it look good for themselves that they have employed someone with a disability and then when things go bad, they fire them.

Fix the employment system and you will have more people with disabilities in meaningful work.

One thought on “Why do I bother when the world doesn’t want to understand Autism?!”

  1. Unfortunately, your condition isn’t actually that visible to most people. As such, they will not treat you any differently than anyone else.

    If you think you are being treated unfairly or that your job is underneath you, I’m sorry to let you know that work is like that for most people – especially when it comes to large, ungainly, hydra-like teams.

    Unfortunately, if I had snapped at another team head in an unprofessional way and not come into work the next day, I’d get the same response as you have had – and sadly, most people in teams will never have the same dedication and work ethic as you. It’s just a fact of life.

    I’d take your team leader’s advice: when you feel like snapping at someone, tell your team leader you have a problem with something rather than doing something rash.

    The fact you’re in employment is not to do with your disability: they are employing you because you’re bloody good at your job, and wandering off means that you’re not there to fix the failures your co-workers are cooking up.

    Seriously, you’re better off accepting that they need you and feel smug knowing that.

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