So, what happened here then?!

Here you can see the present state of our Kitchen/Diner with the two cylinder heads I am working on; one stripped from Punto #3 (background) and the other a 2nd hand purchase from eBay (foreground). [Click on pictures for larger versions]

The 2nd had head came to me mostly stripped down, none of the brackets were on it, and the thermostat had already been taken out. So I had to do a lot of stripping from the original head to get all the parts and enough studs to put it all together. This was fairly easy, so I then put the old head to one side and started working on the new head. That’s when the trouble started.

That spanner is actually stuck behind the 2 locked nuts that I was trying to use to get the stud out. I am assuming the stud is partly corroded at the head end (this is the exhaust side of the engine), and it will not move. Now I can’t get my lock nuts off, or the spanner out!

Arrrgggghhh…. why is nothing ever easy?!

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