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Simpons AvatarSo today, after weeks of waiting for Broadband in our new house, we (Ben, Ed and myself) finally got it!

We were intending to wait for Orange (a BT ADSL Service) to move my existing connection to my new line, but so far it has taken them 14 days to remove it from my old line! It could take up to 13 more days before we get it here!

After hearing this news on Tuesday I decided I had had enough and since the cable company (Virgin Media) are doing a deal where you can get a 2Mb service for £10 per month for 1 year (instead of £18/month) I went for it. So although we are locked in for a year (unless we manage to get out within the cooling off period), its not going to cost very much.

Setting up the Cable Modem was easy, since the house already has wiring for cable all I had to do was hook it up and call them. Its a shame it wasn’t that easy to set up the routing for our network, but that’s another story…

The other 8Mb ADSL service from Orange should be free, because the account is in Ben’s name now and as he pointed out, he should be getting it for free since he pays Orange enough money as it is for mobile phone service!

So I am happy now and maybe when the ADSL gets connected we can play around with load balancing!

Also, I got to play around with the Avatar creator on the Simpsons Movie website, and I made the likeness of me that you see here!

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