New Bed – Its Shagadelic Baby!!

So today my new bed arrived, this was a huge upgrade for me because I have been sleeping on the awful single divan bed provided by my landlord for like the last 18 months. A few months ago I borrowed a mattress from a friend for a friend to sleep on whilst he visited, then after he went I started using it because there was no indication of when it was needed back, until last week.


Above, pics of the two parts of the landlords bed!

So I went back to the landlord’s matress a week ago and I woke up after only a few hours sleep, so much pain was my back in! So I decided that was it, I had to get a new bed.

Today it arrived and the difference is amazing I think I might end up turning into Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel! – Why can there be no storys about guys who sleep forever only to be woken by a princess?!

Just After Completion.

Overall vue of my Bedroom with Old Glory on the wall!

Lovely new Duvet set from House of Fraiser.

So all I need now is a lovely lady to try it out with!! If only finding a gal was as easy as building a bed!

Until next time – Rave Safe Kids!

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