Fixed my blog problem

Those of you who read my blog regularly will have seen that there has been a bit of a display problem if you’re viewing it in Firefox, whereby the posts ended up spewed across the page and the menu to the right ended up at the bottom. Ironically the page displayed fine in Internet Explorer!

I have fixed this problem now, it turned out to be an unlikely culpret – some code that you need to embed a YouTube clip into a page went wrong and messed up the whole page – the clip was in the post entitled ‘I passed the Test‘ which was from July!

I have also moved my blog so that it is within my home directory, which tidy’s it up and makes it a bit cleaner. I’ve put in a redirect, but if you want to update your links, you can now find my blog at

I’ve also changed the theme lately, hope you like it! Look at if you’d like a shiny new wordpress theme of you’re own!

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