Whois Seth?

My name is Seth Kneller, I mostly work as an IT support type-person (1st/2nd line, Windows Desktop/Server), although I would like to get some exposure to Linux in a commerical enviroment. Whilst Windows is a good bread and butter of the support and sysadmin world, it can be very annoying at times and my experiences of using Linux so far have been more more pleasant! For the last 10 years, with the help of Bytemark, Amazon EC2 and now back to Linode, I have run my own virtual servers from which I have run websites using Apache and lighttpd. I have also learnt a great deal about Linux Systems Administration and transferred content between servers on many occasions. During my spare time when I am not in front of the computer, I like to go to the cinema, which is helped by having a Cineworld Unlimited card. I also like to go for walks, I am presently trying to walk all of the sections of canal in and around London; from the peace and quiet beside the canal, London is a different place!

I have Asperger Syndrome (a form of Autism), which I am not afraid to admit to. My Aspergers can make my life quite difficult at times as I struggle to understand the social world with all its unwritten complextities. I am far more comfortable with logical systems such as computers, trains and maps; where the information is easy to understand and usually well documented. I avoid the social world as much as I can, I don’t go to the pub, I don’t watch soaps on TV and I have few friends. Most of my friends also have Asperger’s or have traits which might put them on the Autistic Spectrum (read “geek or nerd”).

I also have Type 1 Diabetes, for which I wear an insulin pump; managing my Diabetes has been a lot, lot easier in the 9 months since I have had the pump and I am truely grateful to the NHS and the professionals who have helped me get it and learn to use it.

This site (which is hosted on a Linode Virtual Server) contains my blog and various related pages, plus it serves to host websites for voluntary Autism organisations, most run by and for those on the Autistic Spectrum.